2019 Design Trends That Your Website Needs


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Just like online opportunities and features are developing through the era of “speed” we live in, designs that you can apply to your website are also following recent changes.

These changes won’t affect the very core of your web design; however, they will make a positive and appealing impact and will only work for your benefit.

Even though, the trends will only get you slightly changing things, applying them correctly will drive more traffic and possibly change your visitors to loyal customers.

This smooth shift from visitors to customers is known to be the dream of every website; therefore, you will need to make your site as alive, professional, engaging, and attractive as possible.

We are here providing you today with the very best recent trends to keep you up-to-date. We are pretty sure you will need to apply most of them if you are not already doing it.

There are some aesthetic trends as well as technical ones.

Aesthetic Trends

These trends will focus on some aesthetic features that are usually related to personal taste. However, these trends became trendy for a reason, which is that some of the aesthetic points of view are actually common sense. Taste and aesthetic change with time, so you need to keep yourself updated so you don’t get left behind. People interact and make impressions first with their eyes; therefore, make your site as attractive and appealing to the eyes as possible using these pieces of advice and recommendations.

Black and White Themed Sites:

The significance in colors and their highly effective role in bringing more attention and making the user experience more memorable and fun is undoubtful. When well-controlling the colors and their balance, you will be immediately giving your brand more power and recognition; you will be making it stand out from any crowd. Recently, black and white palettes seem to be gaining more and more positive reputation and popularity. The contrast between the two colors is what makes them special. While black sends vibes of assertiveness and power, white gives clear and simple vibes. Adding one more color to the two as to highlight important words or sections and make them easy for the eye to find is also highly recommended.

Organic Shapes and 3D Elements:

The use of geometric shapes has been heavy. Recently, people tend to choose more natural and fluid shapes. Asymmetric and organic figures and shapes are now becoming more and more attractive. People love the feeling of seeing lively and more realistic shapes. So forget about those lame geometric figures in 2019. Three-dimensional effects are more integrated into today’s websites. 3D effects give vibes of real experiences and interactions. They can be as simple as boxes with rounded corners rather than sharp ones, or maybe dropping some shadows here and there. Changing simple things using 3D will make users feel more comfortable and natural dealing with the digital world. So, make sure to apply them mindfully.

Add More and More Visuals:

The vast majority of people think texts are boring and lame, and that they would rather go through visuals elements. The trend of adding visuals is not a newborn one, yet, it is highly effective in 2019 and is becoming more essential with time. Since the attention span of people is getting only thinner, then you need to grab their attention as fast as you can. Adding visuals will work as a massive magnet in terms of grabbing attention and having people more involved in your website’s content.

Technical Trends

Mobile-friendly Features:

First off, users browsing websites through their mobile devices are only increasing in numbers. One important feature that you need to take care of is the thumb-friendly navigation. The point is to make the processes of visiting and engaging with your website as easy as possible. So, as it’s implied, you will need to work on making it easy to navigate through your site using thumbs. It is recommended, for example, to have the options and the navigation features appear at the bottom of the mobile screen, as to make it easy to use the site single-handed.


Apply Micro-Interaction:

A very beneficial trend, if applied well-interactively, is the micro-interaction. The notifications you get on Facebook or Twitter and their messages icons are examples of micro-interactions. The need for these interactions will be enormous as your website gets more complicated. More examples are the hover effects, the scrolling animations, chimes, and so on. Integrating micro-interaction ought to be done mindfully since you don’t want to overdo it for it will look lame. Put in the right amounts of interactivity in the right places.

Chatbots are Taking Over:

This trend was not born in 2019; yet, its spread is only getting wider and wider. With the fast-advancing technologies; nowadays, these bots are more developed and have more customization features. The concept of users interacting with bots is now seen as somehow more comfortable as people are less embarrassed when interacting with machines.

Let Your Website Scream “Secure!”:

With the latest questions raised on the matter of security, people are reluctant to the concept of trusting online security. You need to ensure users that they are fully secured when using your website. Establishing a sense of security is kind of challenging. Designers will be taking the responsibility of assuring potential customers that their activity, personal data, transactions, and so on are highly secured and that they can fully interact with the site without any worries.

In a nutshell, web design trends will keep coming with new themes and modifications every single year. You will have to keep track of them and follow the latest updates if you wish to be a competitive power in the market. Work on making your site as attractive and interactive as you can; however, do not overdo stuff as you may look unprofessional. And finally, remember that taking care of your website means taking care of your business which is a very important source of your income, so make sure to take good care of it.


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