2019 Trends on Social Media


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Going with the flow and engaging your brand with the latest trends spreading around is your winning card towards widening your outreach as well as building your brand’s name and gaining more recognition.

We’re providing you today with all of these newest trends that you need to wrap your head around for the purpose of overcoming any obstacles or challenges in 2019.

1- Establishing Credibility:
In order for your brand to stand out in any industry, you will have to ensure humanistic involvements with your target audience based on trust and honesty.
If you want people to trust you, give them a reason for it.

Most likely, you have stumbled upon the latest scandals Facebook has been involved in; the Cambridge Analytica one, or about Twitter’s bots roaming around the platform. Added to these, major questions regarding security, ethics, and privacy have been raised within the internet communities. This left the vast majority of people abandoning their trust towards social media platforms.

Source: Edelman 2018 Trust Barometer Special Report: Brands and Social Media

How to ensure credibility?
Your brand will have to undergo some new refreshments and polishing. You will be taking several new steps towards change; sometimes multiple at a time.

Start with establishing a sort of a slogan that can be immediately associated with your brand. Choose a phrase that is easy to the ear and easy to remember. For example, we are all familiar with Nike’s famous “Just do it!”.
In order to have people aligned around your brand, use your phrase with a preceding hashtag #. This will allow people at different locations to engage with other beneficiaries and create communities in which they can comfortably share their experiences.

You will also need to enhance your online activities on various platforms, as to keep your audiences up-to-date and well-engaged. For example, you can use Facebook to create a special group for your brand next to your main Facebook business page. Or, you can utilize Twitter chats for your advantage to present topics, and catch up with discussions, and get a glimpse of your audiences’ interests.

2- Incorporating Social Commerce to Your Marketing Strategy:

Social media commerce is an impressive trend that needs to be taken into consideration as it can when applied correctly raise up your sales up to the roof!
It has been adopted by numerous numbers of businesses, and it revolves around the idea of a “buying button” that can allow users to buy your products immediately without completely leaving the current page.

How to get social commerce applied?

As the term suggests, all you need to worry about is making the experience as social as possible. The shopping experience must be a lively, interactive, socially engaging, and an appealing one to the target audience.

After well establishing your business profile, begin with the step of selling your products and services via Instagram, then, you will add a catalog of your products on Facebook and other platforms, and your submission will be approved by Instagram.

The next step would be tagging your products in your upcoming posts and involve multimedia ranging from pictures and videos to content and stories.

You may have encountered some promotion means that have been done through contests. Running contests for products presented in some shoppable posts of yours will increase your chances of gaining more followers, and accordingly, more purchases. This is because people will share your contest in order to win when they are motivated by rewards whether they are simple or valuable since it would do no harm.

3- Communication Through Messaging:

According to a Facebook survey, 69% of people prefer to directly message the company itself when they wish to, as it gives them feelings of confidence and reliability regarding the brand.
Recently, users tend to engage more nowadays in private massaging rather than publicly sharing updates and news on different platforms.

Source: 2018 Q3 Global Digital Statshot

This shift has actively played a huge role in terms of users’ expectations.
How to Apply Messaging in Your Business?
Your Facebook Business Page, that you are supposedly updating and keeping clean, should be connected with Facebook Messenger. Make sure to enable this feature. Next, enable the instant reply people will soon get as soon as they send you a private message whether it is a greeting or specific reply to frequently asked questions or comments.

If you, or your team, are not available 24/7, then it is highly recommended to have your working and closing hours clarified on your page to help users better contact you when needed.

You should always try to move public conversations, or questions, or inquiries on social media posts to messaging apps or DMs (Direct Messages). This will allow you to help the customers find faster solutions or explanations.

Finally, insert plugins in your site that directly drives visitors to messaging apps to have their concerns and questions answered.

4- The Trend of “Stories”:

If you are familiar with Snapchat, then the concept of Stories won’t be so hard to grasp since it’s the whole idea behind the app. If you’re not familiar with it, then open your eyes wide open as we saved one of the best and most effective trends to the end.

Stories are recent means of sharing on social media. They’re just like any other content you post, but they’re short and available for 24 hours; they can be described as vertical disappearing videos.
The attention span of people is getting shorter and shorter by time. You need to attract your viewers and visitors from the very first second or you’ll be harshly faced with the deadly “skip”.

With the unbelievably growth and success of Stories, businesses tend to implement Stories more and more in their social and marketing strategies.

Feeds on platforms are now history compared to Stories as they remarkably surpassed and conquered.
Source: TechCrunch, “Facebook Stories reveals 150M daily users and here come ads”

How to Utilize Stories to Your Brand’s Advantage?
Start recording and shooting vertical videos, which should not be a difficult task at all. Then, begin experimenting by posting Stories every once in a while; weekly for example, at different times in order to see what works best with your target audience.
You need to know that there is an unspoken of aesthetic and theme, for Instagram Stories for example, which is about Stories being raw, not highly edited, and kind of spontaneous. Your posted Story content must be a reflection of this aesthetic.
What makes Instagram Stories special is the feature of “Highlights”. This feature allows you to have your Stories saved on your profile for as long as you wish to. This can be helpful when you have spent so much time and effort on your Story and you do not want it to just vanish in 24 hours. So, if you think your story deserves more attention, then add it to your Highlights, and have it pinned on your profile.
Remember, your main purpose is to engage people with your brand. Therefore, adding texts, storytelling means, videos, images to your Stories would be a great idea.

Syndicate Stories straight from your Instagram to your Facebook. Even though, Facebook Stories are not as widespread as others, getting in may let you have some adopter advantages.

In a nutshell, staying updated and following the trends will only be of a good benefit to your brand. Be always mindful and aware of the latest techniques, strategies, and trends. Plus, always experiment. Who knows? Maybe one day you will be the starting point of another global trend.


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