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Industry: Construction


Company profile: Weathertex is a successful, multi-national timber cladding manufacturer that distributes to fourteen countries worldwide, including India, UAE, France and Korea. With a better-than-zero carbon footprint, Weathertex offers the most eco-friendly cladding solution in the world.


Project Objective: 

– Improve overall site usability to enhance the user experience.

– Improve the workflow of the marketing department by allowing internal staff to manage content and engage in ‘Live Chat’ with end users.

– Allow for prospective customers to browse, select and order free samples for delivery.


Solution: Mosfa curated a maintenance manual and hosted training sessions with the internal marketing department to encourage. The agency consulted the company on a solid user journey strategy by creating mapping and training manual, update content, training sessions

Result: Weathertex’s sales increased by xxx 6 months after launch of the new site. The site now receives 20-25,000 visits per month, which is an increase of 75% since launch of the new site.

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